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In Colombia, as in many countries around the world, they celebrate Mother's Day, a date that not only remembers the importance of motherhood but also pays tribute to the millions of women who give their all for their families and society. 

Mother's Day has been celebrated in Colombia since 1925 when the president of that time, Pedro Nel Ospina, promoted Law 28 of 1925. Since then, this celebration has been held on the second Sunday of May every year. This celebration began to gain popularity and recognition in Colombia in the 1950s. 

The second Sunday of May was established as Mother's Day, a special day to honor and thank mothers for their love, sacrifice and their fundamental role in family and society. 

While Mother's Day in Colombia has its roots in external cultural influence, it has become deeply rooted in Colombian society and is considered a significant date, where many families gather to share special food, and take the opportunity to give gifts such as jewelry and flowers, with emotional messages of love and gratitude for all that mothers do. MOTHERS. 

At Fundación Jera we celebrate this day together with 33 women of the team who are mothers, honoring their ability to give themselves daily in a patient and loving way in the care of our children, with whom they share their big hearts.