Happy Dad's Day, and for your importance in the growth and development of our children.

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Feliz día papá

Father's Day is a holiday in honor of fatherhood and its importance in the family, its day varies by country and is made according to religious traditions, other countries have established a date, based on the civil calendar. 

The idea of honoring fathers originated in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, in the mid-1910s, when Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honor her father: Henry Jackson Smart. Primarily she proposed June 5 as the date for her father's birthday, however, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance of Washington chose the third Sunday of this month. June 19, 1910, was the first time that Father's Day was celebrated. 

The history of how the celebration of Father's Day was adopted in Colombia is not well documented, but it is likely that a similar pattern was followed in other Latin countries that adopted this tradition from the United States. 

From a historical perspective, the role of the father has been considered the primary provider, protector and role model in the family, although over time this has changed, often giving greater recognition to the maternal role, the father's role is equally crucial in the emotional, social and psychological well-being of children; the father's role in the growth and development of children in the family is invaluable.

 At Fundación Jera, this day is celebrated with posters with touching messages that are carefully placed on the walls, capturing the children's attention and reminding them of the meaning of this holiday. The teaching assistants deploy all their creativity in creating a special setting to commemorate Father's Month. In addition, each teacher is actively involved, planning and executing activities designed to surprise fathers. Some choose to give personalized gifts, while others choose to spend time explaining to the children why it is important to celebrate Father's Day, cultivating a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the holiday.

Our benefactor parents mostly celebrate this day with great joy and gratitude. It is a special occasion where the family gathers to share moments of affection and closeness. In addition to receiving details such as trips to the movies, restaurants and ice cream parlors, this day is impregnated with love and recognition to the father who plays such an important role in the lives of their children.

At Fundación Jera, we commemorate the strength, values and unwavering support that parents provide to our children with deep gratitude and admiration. We recognize the fundamental role they play in the growth and development of each of our children. In addition, on this special day, we would like to extend our congratulations to the parents within our work team. Their dedication and commitment not only in the workplace, but also in their roles as parents, are worthy of recognition and celebration.